Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Anna....

So, Alisha, my rock star partner gave me a few words of wisdom on blogging etiquette when she gave me the info on how to get on our site.  I think she was a bit nervous. Ha! One of those was that I had to be likable.  Hmmmm…….maybe I better stop here thenJ

If you keep reading, it is acceptance that you have read and fully understand the disclosure above that I may not always being likable.  I already asked Alisha and she said I also have to be honest, so sorry no loophole there either:) Anyway, first of all thank you to everyone following our new adventure.  The support has been amazing and we feel the love.  It has been thrilling, inspiring, scary and fun all in one.

So, a bit about me, I am one of the co-founders of ID ink and am married with 2 kids of my own and 2 bonus kids in our circus tent (Alex 19, Jake 13, Bree 4 and Michael 2). Our crazy is the normal crazy of 2 working parents and 4 kids which many of you know.  Most days I enjoy my day job and it keeps me challenged so I am too busy to worry about the little things that would probably drive my type A personality (and my poor husband) nuts.  Every day I am more and more convinced that we all have our own version of craziness and somehow we all manage and just do the best we can.  Many days I don’t do very well, but thanks to an amazing support network of family and friends I keep trying. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I think we have more like an urban metropolis!!!!!
Stay tuned for more insight into the mind of a crazy lady and our adventures in managing the spilled milk in life, love, kids and everything in between.

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