Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have a HAPPY halloween....

Well after about 6 costume changes per kids we have narrowed it down at our house... Addie is going to be a hot dog, which if you know Addie is so off character- she is girly and princess to the core, but thanks to an episode of "Sid the Science Kid" where there is dancing & singing food she has decided to be a hot dog. :) Lyla on the other hand started off as the hot dog and since morphed into a horse, a pumpkin, and now has landed on a butterfly.... we will see what she actually debuts on Sunday, or if she evens puts on a costume at all. :) Though our costumes may be in flux, the one thing I know is that my kids, along with Anna's kids- who will be trick or treating along with us- will be sporting I.D. ink.... because as Anna and I drink our wine and hand out candy- we can know that our kids are safe.... even with their fathers who have jimmy-rigged a cooler onto the back of the wagon that they are pulling... :) Happy Halloween!


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