Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neti Pot... how I love thee...

To be honest- I always kind of thought being sick was nice... sure- you feel like crap but people wait on you, you get to sleep all the time, and when you were younger you got to miss school.... all good things right?? Well- being sick and being a mom is not glamorous at all.... you think you can lay in bed all day and rest but that never happens.... if you are in bed you are either interrupted by someone needing something every 30 minutes or you are only able to get a little sleep because "Word World" is playing on the TV while your almost 4 year old jumps on the bed!! It truly is amazing that we even get healthy when all our bodies need are rest, and yet it gets little to none because for the most part you do not have a choice. So in the mean time while I am fighting this sinus infection, headache, and extreme fatigue- the one thing that I can count on is the Neti- Pot.... a little bit of relief in a relief-free mom's world. And if you do not know what a netti- pot is- get on google right now because you need to!

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